General Questions

What do I do if I have a database question?

Email if your question pertains to the database, and email Mary Mackrain if your question pertains more to protocols for consultation.

My information is not saving within a case. What can I do to prevent losing any data?

Make sure that you do not have a tab open in your web browser with the database for an extended period of time (i.e., save and close out your window when finished for the day). Information may not save if the web browser is left open too long. Also make sure that you are not using the “Notes” function as a place to store all of your essential notes about a case (i.e., always have backup of notes just in case).

How do I see if a Satisfaction Survey has been completed?

On the case dashboard, under the column labeled “Sat. Survey” they is a linked number. This represents the number of surveys that have been completed. If you click on the link, you will be taken to the Satisfaction Survey Information section of the Case Details page where you will see the details of the completed Satisfaction Surveys.

satisfaction survey column

If you are a Case Supervisor, you will be able to click the link under the Results column to see the results of each returned survey.

supervisor sat survey results

Data Entry

How do I send out surveys to providers/families (Satisfaction, TOS, PERM, Home Visiting Self-Efficacy)?

See “Survey Instructions”. There is also a link for “Survey Instructions” in the dashboard navigation under Tools.

How do I see the results of my surveys?

You can see your results by clicking on the case details page for your case and clicking on the “Results” link (results only available to supervisors for satisfaction/self-efficacy surveys).

Should I leave a variable blank if it is listed as required?

If you do not have that data, you can leave it blank. If you have that data, please enter it into the forms. Do not put placeholder data into the system or surrogate dates (e.g., do not put date of exit as the action plan if there was no action plan completed).

Do I enter site information (i.e., current number of children served, number of children suspended/expelled) twice if I have two programmatic or two child/family focused cases that are taking place simultaneously in one childcare facility?

No. Enter site information one time and do not enter this information for the second case in the same site. It is only okay to enter site information twice if a significant amount of time has elapsed between cases (e.g., > 1 year) or if one case is a CFF case and one case is a Programmatic case.

When I am finished entering all relevant data for a case and want to officially close it, what do I do?

Make sure all information is entered accurately (including date of exit and exit reason), then click “Save Case” or “Submit and Review”. Double check that your information is there before logging out. The only step left to do is to send out a satisfaction survey for that case to relevant stakeholders (e.g., provider, parent).

What do I do if I am serving 2+ classrooms at 1 site in a programmatic case?

Identify 1 target classroom and enter all information for this classroom and under this case keep a record of all other consultation for other classrooms at that site in the notes section of the contact log.

Unique Case Situations

What do I do if I have two CFF cases from the same center at the same time?

Only enter the data for “Number of children served” and suspensions/expulsions for ONE case (leave blank for second case). It is okay if other variables are double counted.

What do I do if I am providing CFF consultation in two different centers, with the same child, simultaneously?

Each center should be their own separate case given that there are separate consent/assessment procedures. If the child has been in one setting and is transitioning part time into a second setting, delay the pre-assessment for the second center so that the child has time to acclimate.

What do I do if a child moves to a new center, but will still be receiving consultation services from me at this new center?

Please start a new CFF case given that new consent and pre-assessments will need to be obtained from the new provider.

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