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If you are new to the database and are only engaging in consultation with Home Visiting Programs (no Childcare consultation):

  1. Once granted access to the IECMHC site (login information will be emailed), login and click DASHBOARD in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Navigate to the “Home Visiting Dashboard” (green button in second column). You can ignore the “IECMHC in Childcare” buttons.
  3. Follow Steps 2-7 as outlined below

If you are an existing IECMHC Childcare consultant (with current access to the IECMHC database) who is also taking on HV cases:

  1. Navigate to the new “Home Visiting Dashboard” (green button in second column)
  2. You will be adding one new “case” for each Home Visiting Program you are consulting with (Click “Begin New Home Visiting Program”).
    1. The county/program ID and Consultant ID numbers are generated for you based on your site, so it is only your responsibility to enter a unique Home Visiting Program ID (first case = 001, 002, and so on).
      1. If you also have Childcare cases, don’t worry about having repeat ID numbers as they are housed on a separate dashboard.
    2. A case list of all home visiting programs receiving your services will appear on your dashboard once you add each program. You will be able to expand each case (program) and see a summary of the data you have entered.
  3. After beginning a new home visiting program, enter data for all variables in the “Program Information” and “Home Visiting Demographics” sections, and ensure that you click “SAVE PROGRAM” at the bottom of the page.
  4. For the following other sections, every time you engage in an activity, you will need to add a log entry for that activity. Make sure to click “SAVE PROGRAM” after each log entry.
    1. Joint Visits with Home Visitor
    2. Reflective consultation with a HV Program Manager/Supervisor
    3. Reflective consultation with Home Visitors
    4. Specialized Mental Health trainings
    5. For example, each specialized mental health training = a new log entry in that section
    6. Another example: Each joint visit = a new log entry in that section
      1. For joint visiting ONLY, a family name is also required so that you and your supervisors can keep track of how many joint visits you have consulted on per family. You can use the last name, initials, or another identifier as long as you keep it consistent across entries.
  5. When entering multiple log entries, click ‘add ____ log entry’ underneath the log itself for each new entry/activity. You can also click the plus (+) button on the top right corner of the log (‘Add row’). See Screenshot.
    Home Visiting Instructions Screenshot
  6. Once information is entered for a Home Visiting Program, navigate back to the “Home Visiting Dashboard” (click “Return to Dashboard” blue button, or “Dashboard” button in upper right corner, and then select “Home Visiting Dashboard” green button) and click on the gray arrow for that new Home Visiting Program case to expand the case and see a data summary (and double check that everything saved).
  7. To see a summary of statewide data, click the “Home Visiting Program Report” green button.
  8. To access the HV curriculum modules, click the “Home Visiting Curriculum” green button.
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