Pre TOS sum: 720
Pre TOS count: 17
Pre TOS average: 42.35
Post TOS sum: 298
Post TOS count: 7
Post TOS average: 42.57

Teacher Opinion Survey Pre and Post Averages

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Cases accounted for: 24

CAREgiving Assessments Pre and Post Averages (Line Chart)

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Cases accounted for: 163
Cases accounted for: 163 -
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string(225) "['Term', 'Consistency Average', 'Attuned Average', 'Environment Average' ],['Pre-CAREgiving Avgs', 11.027027027027, 9.3333333333333, 9.5277777777778],['Post-CAREgiving Avgs',12.833333333333, 11.222222222222, 11.833333333333],"
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