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Satisfaction Survey Results

1. The consultant responded to my referral in a timely manner. N
2. The consultants role was clearly explained to me. 4
3. I felt I had a good relationship with the consultant. 4
4. I believe the consultation service was helpful. 4
5. I felt listened to by the consultant. 4
6. The consultant respected my opinions. 4
7. The consultant answered my questions. 4
8. I learned new ways to help children with challenging behaviors.
9. The consultation service positively affected the way I relate to children.
10. Overall, I am satisfied with the consultation service I recieved. 4
11. I feel the referring situation has improved. 4
12. What is ONE thing youre doing differently because of the consultation service you received? I am better able to see how my child acts in daycare/school and help them address issues she is having there.
13. Would you recommend this consultation service to other childcare providers? Why or why not? 1000% I wish there was more Rachels. She is amazing. She has great insight and is able to help so much. She helped me find a better school for my daughter and works great with them.
14. How can this consultation service be improved? More Rachels :D
15. To be answered by the family: Over the past 30 days, how many days of work or school has the family/caregiver missed due to the challenges a child has experienced while in child care? 3
16. To be answered by the family: Please rate your stress level related to your child’s challenges at ChildCare(please edit if you like the idea of adding it): 8
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Survey UUID: 65380b4d4d4e1
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Case Title: 073-001-137
Case Type: child_family_focused
Survey Target: parent_family
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Survey Submitted Date: 10/25/2023
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