Teacher Opinion survey submission for post-consultation 082-006-003

Teacher Opinion Survey Results

1. This child's behaviors interfere with my ability to perform my job effectively. 5
2. I can help my preschool choldren learn skills that they need to cope with adversity in their lives. 4
3. There are some childrem in my classroom thet I simply cannot have any influence on. 1
4. If some children in my class are not doing as well as others, I believe that I should change my way of working with them. 3
5. As a preschool teacher, I can't really do much, because the way a child develops depends mostly on what goes on at home. 2
6. I can help children develop skills to make successful choices later in life. 5
7. I feel a sense of hopelessness about the future of the children I work with. 2
8. I can imagine myself teaching preschool for several more years. 3
9. If a student in my class became disruptive and noisy, I feel pretty sure that I'd know how to respond effectively. 5
10. I frequently feel overwhelmed at my job. 3
11. I have enough training to deal with almost any classroom situation. 5
12. On a typical day, I feel a sense of accomplishment as a preschool teacher. 5

Score Calculations

Total Score: 43
Range: 12 - 48
Average Score: 3.58
Range: 1 (Never) - 4 (Almost Always)

Admin Information

Survey UUID: 665f6ec4a66b3
Case ID: 6330
Case Title: 082-006-003
Case Type: programmatic
Consultation Period: post-consultation
Survey Delivery Type: clipboard
Survey Generation Date: 06/04/2024
Survey Submission Date: 06/04/2024
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